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Wooden Bull Leather and Cork
Audiophile Turntable Mats

Independent Reviews

Christiaan Punter - Hi-Fi Advice

"It was some time since I had played LPs but the thought of reinstating the turntable had been lingering persistently in the back of my mind lately. And so it was perfect timing when I was approached by John O’Regan of Wooden Bull, asking if I was interested in giving his Leather and Cork turntable mats a listen. The mats are marketed as “Gripmats” as opposed to “Slipmats”, but the latter would only apply to DJ-minded people that actually desire the LPs to slip using certain mats with high torque direct drive turntables. As I am firmly interested in the audiophile spectrum of music reproduction, I will refer to them simply as “mats”.

The mats consist of a layer of gel-infused cork with a layer of cowhide leather on top. The two layers are glued together with special care taken to prevent air pockets. The two materials combine to provide a very good damping properties and very firm grip on the record. The leather layer is available in black as reviewed here and in brown.

Being used to reviewing audiophile tweaks that cost an arm and a leg, I was delighted to find the pricing on the mats to be on the very affordable side............."

HI-FI WORLD Magazine - December 2016

"Irish based Wooden Bull use a combination of leather and cork for their turntable mats. The lower surface is gel infused cork which is glued to an upper layer of textured leather - available in brown or black finish.

Despite the two different materials the thickness is still just 3mm while the overall diameter is 292mm. Therefore it will fit most turntables with ease - although you may have to adjust tonearm height to compensate for the extra thickness.

Wooden Bull Designer John O'Regan says the mat is designed to create a surface which provides a firm grip between the platter and record and so reduce surface noise on playback.

Slotted onto my resident Rega RP6 turntable there was an obvious improvement to the sound. The walking basslines of Charles Mingus on 'Mingus Ah Um' had a heftier feel to them while the Rega Exact carttridge seemed to be extracting extra detail from the upper registers.

Playing the 180gm vinyl pressing of Eleanor McEvoy's 'Yola' there was no doubt the Wooden Bull Mat brings more solidity to the sound. McEvoy's voice had more sparkle to it, the guitar a natural timbre and verve and overall ccohesion is improved". JM

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Wooden Bull is a registered company in the Republic of Ireland. The Wooden Bull logo is registered in the Republic of Ireland.
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